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OG WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of the Original WhatsApp with extra Features like GB WhatsApp Pro. Download the Latest Version of OGWhatsApp Pro for Android 2023.

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Version: v17.57 | Size: 70 MB

In today’s digital world, WhatsApp has become a fundamental part of our lives. WhatsApp is a simple application to deliver messages, photos, audio, and video to people around the globe, with more than 1 billion users. Similarly, OGWhatsApp Pro is a modified version of the original WhatsApp developed by Alexmods, which is inspired by the official version of WhatsApp.

OGWhatsApp Pro was created to include new and up-to-date features that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp. These new features are introduced to give users the best and most secure user experience.

OGWhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that includes some new features that make it easier and safer to use. You can say that OGWhatsApp APK is reliable and free for its users.

About OG WhatsApp Pro

OGWhatsApp is developed by third-party developers AlexMods and includes advanced privacy and security features. It is free, so users can enjoy all of the new features by simply downloading the APK file.

With this APK of OGWhatsApp, users have control over who can see their profile images, status, and chat. This extra feature for privacy has made the application popular in a very short time and makes this version of WhatsApp more trustworthy for its users.

OG WhatsApp Pro APK Download

OGWhatsApp has a user-friendly interface with new themes and features. You can get the original WhatsApp APK on your Android phone as well as your computer.


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OGWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp version created by the Alexmods team. It comes in a zip file, which users can store on their phones or tablets.

To install OGWhatsApp on your phones and tablets, the user needs to download the APK file from the OGWA website and make sure that the device meets all the requirements that are needed. Otherwise, if the requirements are not met, users will not be able to install the application on their devices.

New Features in The Latest Version

  • Supports a variety of file formats, like ZIP, RTF, PDF, XLS, and many others.
  • The Group Admin Indicator can be turned on or off.
  • new data recovery and backup feature
  • Unread messages can be filtered using the search field.
  • New emojis are available.
  • You have the option of choosing who can see you online.
  • You can view videos and images without downloading them.
  • Former group members are visible.


Anti-Ban Version

You can avoid getting banned because this application is 100% secure and safe. Moreover, the original WhatsApp version will not be able to ban you from using third-party applications.

Increased Characters for Written Status

It increases written status characters by up to 250 words. In the official version of WhatsApp, there is a limitation on the number of characters, but with OGWhatsApp, you can express yourself better.

Anti-Delete Messages

By enabling the anti-delete message feature, users can read the deleted messages from senders. You can also see the photos and videos they have deleted. 


This feature provides security for chats. By enabling this feature, users can assign a password to a specific chat. Password protection is a very advanced feature that is not available in the original version of WhatsApp. So, if you want to make your chats more secure, then download the OGWhatsApp APK.

Freeze Last Seen

It has a freeze your last seen feature on WhatsApp. Enabling this option means that people in your contact list will not be able to see when you were last online, and it will give the impression to others that you have not been active on WhatsApp.

Anti-Delete Status

With this feature, users can see the deleted status from their contacts and even react to the status after it is deleted. You can surprise and have fun with your friends with this feature.

Colorful Themes

This WhatsApp version is full of new themes and colors because the original OGWhatsApp Pro has more than 1000. You can choose themes according to your preference or customize them to your taste.

Hide the view of status!

With this feature, users can hide their status from being seen, and they can see the status of their friends and family from the contact list without knowing about it.

Send media in high-quality

While sending documents over the original version of the WhatsApp system, many users have complained about the size of the files. If the file size is bigger then it will not transfer.

Calling Unsaved Numbers

users can make a call or send messages to unsaved numbers. This feature will save time for users because they do not have to save every number.

Status Downloader

The status download feature allows users to download the status that is uploaded by their contacts. With OGWhatsApp they do not have to download any external application on their phones to download statuses.

Send Up To 90 Images

The original WhatsApp only allows you to send 30 pictures at a time, which can be very frustrating and time-consuming. With the OGWhatsApp APP, you do not need to select the pictures again and again because you can send up to 90 images at a time.

Dual Accounts

Using dual WhatsApp accounts on one phone is usually restricted, but with OGWhatsApp you can make two accounts and use them on the same phone without any restrictions.

Increased Characters for Group Name

Whenever it is time to create a group name, OGWhatsApp allows users to use more characters. This OGWhatsApp latest version has increased the character limit to 35 instead of the 25 allowed in official WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler

By turning on this function, you can greet someone at a certain time, wish them a happy birthday, or wish them for any occasion in advance. If you set this option in the OGWhatsApp application, you will not miss wishing anyone on time. This feature can deliver messages to a specific contact at a specific time.

Copy Anyone’s Status

Although the official WhatsApp developers have not included this function with OGWhatsApp, anyone can access and copy the status that is uploaded by your contacts from their Android device, and you can avoid the hassle of manually writing out the entire status.

Note: In OGWhatsApp, the restriction and the issue of compression are resolved in the updated version, which enables the sharing of large files and lengthy videos without the need to compress or break them up. Moreover, there is no need for compression of images before sending the media, and you can send high-quality images.

Permissions Required

To install OG WhatsApp there are some necessary permissions required from your Android phone. The permission that is required is listed below so go through this checklist while downloading.

  • It requires a stable internet connection.
  • Device location 
  • Access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Access to media,
  • Access to Contacts
  • Record audio access
  • Send SMS
  • Use Map services. 
  • External Storage Access

Download OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version for Android

ogwhatsapp pro apk
NameOGWhatsApp Pro APK
Size70 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.1+
Latest update1 day ago



19 November 2023

  • extendedExpiry Date
  • FixedRandom Crash In Some Chats/Groups
  • FixedCrash When Opening MODS Story
  • MISCOther Fixes And Improvements

How To Install OG Whatsapp on Android

If you want to avail the new amazing features of OGWhatsApp but don’t know how to install it on your phone then look at these steps and learn how to install this application on your Android phone or tablet

Download OG WhatsApp APK download on your phone by following these simple steps and get unlimited features.

  • Step 1: Go to our website (OGWHTSAPP.COM) and download the APK file.
  • Step 2: Go to the downloads folder on your phone and click on the OGWhatsApp APK file; you will get a notification about allowing this type of file.
  • Step 3: Click on “allow” to install the OGWhatsApp file.
  • Step 4: Once the installation is complete, open OG WhatsApp and use your number to log in.
  • Step 5: After login, it will ask you to restore your data from a backup using backup files.

Pros & Cons of OGWhatsApp MOD


OG WhatsApp has several advantages, and these advantages are given below:

  • You can automatically send messages.
  • Read the deleted messages.
  • More than 1,000 themes.
  • Anti-ban features
  • Download your friends’ status updates.
  • Hide blue ticks.
  • Customize them according to our own choice.


OGWhatsApp has several disadvantages, and these disadvantages are given below:

  • This application is not registered on the Play Store.
  • This is a third-party application.
  • No guarantee of privacy protection exists.
  • It is an unauthorized or unlawful application, there is a chance that it can be banned.


Final Words

OGWhatsApp pro is one of the best applications for users, with many new features in chats and more than 1000 colorful themes for users to choose from to have the best experience. By downloading OGWA’s latest version users will have a very fun and exciting texting experience. So, we recommend you get the latest version of OGWhatsApp Official and take advantage of further personalization and privacy features.

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